At SHIVALOPI FOUNDATION, we are dedicated to improving sustainability through economic diversification, capacity building, access to resources, ensuring that people have the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to thrive. . We prioritize social security, environmental protection and gender equality, and participate in the development of locally tailored solutions. Our goal is to empower individuals and communities to achieve economic growth, while preserving the environment for future generations.

Why Livelihood is important?

Social life is especially important for women because it shows their strength, resilience and determination to overcome obstacles and take care of themselves and their families. For many women, livelihood represents more than just financial security; It symbolizes power, independence and the ability to shape one’s own destiny. Women’s participation in social enterprises not only contributes to the economic well-being of their households but also demonstrates their presence and impact in their communities Furthermore, sustainable social practices enable women to produce their products a stewards of the environment, and ensures a better future for future generations. Essentially, Ajivika is an emotionally deep journey for women that reflects their unwavering spirit and determination to create a brighter, more inclusive future for themselves and their loved ones

Building safe and resilient livelihoods

Building capacity, security and resilience at the local level is a top priority. By providing opportunities for women to participate in income-generating activities, we not only increase their economic independence but also enhance their social and emotional well-being. Through needed services, such as skills building programs, access to resources and support networks, we empower women to overcome barriers and succeed in their chosen endeavours. By investing in sustainable social practices and promoting gender equality, we are paving the way for women to lead in their communities, bring about positive change and build brighter futures for generations to come . . . . Together, we will create a world where every woman has the opportunity to build a secure, flexible livelihood, enabling her to realize her full potential and contribute to a meaningful society.

What We Do?

  • Skills enhancement: We organize seminars and training sessions to provide individuals with practical knowledge about local businesses and markets, thereby enhancing their employability and employability.
  • Entrepreneurship Training: We offer specialized training programs to aspiring entrepreneurs, covering areas such as business planning, marketing strategies, budgeting and customer relations, to assist them in starting and sustaining successful businesses.
  • Access to Financial Resources: We facilitate access to microcredit, savings plans, and other financial services that will enable individuals, especially women, to invest in their businesses, education, health, and other basic needs.
  • Community engagement: We engage with communities to understand their specific needs, challenges and aspirations, ensuring that our services are tailored to address specific barriers to economic participation and social development.
  • Partnerships and Partnerships: We collaborate with community organizations, government agencies, businesses, and other stakeholders to leverage resources, expertise and connections, to maximize the impact of our interventions and drive economic growth a permanent result.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: We regularly monitor and evaluate our programs to assess their effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that our interventions are achieving our desired outcomes.